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      Better? he asked. He got well, and sang his psalms in Heaven this morning. I felt in church as if I could hear his voice.And now Helper is going to ask questions, she said, formally adopting the name. She wants to know if poor parson has been good, and not been overworking himself.

      She wanted to be left alone in the library, working for him. It did not matter whether he paid her for her work or not. She only wanted to go on working for him.

      He turned to her with an air of childlike frankness.According to custom, Mr Keeling, with his two sons, went for a brisk walk, whatever the weather, before lunch, while Alice and her mother, one of whose habits was to set as few feet to the ground as was humanly possible without incurring the danger of striking root, got into the victoria that waited for them at the church-door, on which the fat horse was roused from his reverie and began heavily lolloping homewards. It was not usual in Bracebridge to have a carriage out on Sunday, and Mrs Keeling, surveying less fortunate pedestrians through her tortoise-shell-handled glass, was Sunday by Sunday a little Lucretian on the subject. The matter of the carriage also was a monument to her own immovableness, for her husband, years ago, had done his utmost to induce her to traverse the half mile on her own feet.

      I should think it remarkably odd if they were Alices too, said Keeling.

      Ill soon settle that, he said, going out.She has just made one for me, said her husband. Perhaps you didnt know that she lives in Bracebridge with her brother. She is my secretary and typewriter.

      Norah held out her hand to Mrs Keeling. I wont keep you up any longer, she said. I shall walk home at once.Very likely, my dear, said Mrs Keeling{106} amiably, and Im sure thats a beautiful bit of figured silk which he has his coat made of.


      The boy covered with buttons opened the door to her. She hoped that Mrs Keeling would not be richly crossing the Gothic hall. She wanted only to get quietly into the library and go on with letter M. Letter M implied a quantity of cardboard slips.


      I remember you told me once he was a cad. I shall go to bed, I think.I suppose it is just a little bit. It was very impertinent.